Here is the finished pie before baking. Note how the pieces are overlapped. This helps hold them in place. An egg wash makes the pieces stick together. Brush the egg wash on the pieces as you add them. The egg wash will also help with browning during baking.

Tip - I like to brush the bottom crust, at the top where the pieces will be places, before I add the filling. This prevents the filling from getting on your brush.

The plunger cutter, above, leaves a light impression.

Plunger cutters are a fun way to make your pies look great. They are easy to use. And most of all, you don't have to worry about putting that fussy big piece of pastry on top of your pie. Plunger cutters make pie tops easy.

You can choose to use regular cookie cutters along with plunger cutters. Plunger cutters leave an impression in the dough that will remain after it is baked. The deeper the definition in the dough the better it will remain after it is baked.

Following are some samples of plunger cutters and their impressions.

My Way IS the Pie Way!

The leaf plunger cutter, above, leaves a deeper impression.