A wheat free crust and blueberry filling. The dragonfly was cut out, coloured with gel colours then I added silver glitter. Simple and pretty.

Happy Birthday! pie. Fun colours to celebrate a birthday.

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Pie Balls! They are an invention after I found a cake ball tin at a local thrift store. The pattern on the top was created by a rose plunger cutter. The blueberry filling leaked through. If I make them again I will choose a more robust filling as the blueberry was too subtle.

Pineapple upside WOW pie - quite possibly my favourite pie. It was made with fresh pineapple with brown sugar and butter - like the best part of a pineapple upside down cake.


This could be the only Groundhog Day pie! A ground BEEF pie with potatoes. The groundhog image was painted with gel food colouring.

A lattice pie crust with mixed berry filling. I like to experiment on original ideas. This lattice had a circle added. Quite challenging to add it to the top of the pie. I would recommend freezing the top crust if you are making it separately so that it is easy to slide it on top.

A strawberry pie with leaves cut with a plunger cutter. Strawberries are made with a small cookie cutter and the impressions made with a fork. You don't always need special tools when baking.

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